Alcohol and Exercise

I can relate alcohol and exercise to my personal life.  Most times, when I take alcohol, I try to justify the drinking of alcohol by doing some exercises the following morning.  The sweating and pain which I experience when I do my exercises somewhat justifies my taking another beer the following weekend.   The sweat from the body smells of alcohol, so literally, the alcohol is being expelled from the body, but this is myth.




Doing exercises to compensate for drinking beer should not be justified because there are other considerations one has to take into account. The side effects of alcohol cannot be compensated by mere exercises, they are far much higher consequences on my body and the effects have a telling effect on body for sometime to come.

Alcohol versus exercise is a dilemma and it can be likened to alcohol and driving.  Alcohol and driving cannot mix and therefore must be exclusive.  Many people who drive while drunk end up having accidents.  When you are drunk, your sense of judgement is impaired and this may lead to an accident. So it is therefore recommended that if you are drunk do not drive no matter the amount of alcohol you take. Even if what you have taken is ‘little’ do not drive because little is relative.   What is little to you may not be little to me.


Alcohol 1

The side effects of alcohol can reduce your strength, endurance, physical capacity and even your muscle development.  Alcohol will also effect your brain.  In short term alcohol leads to loss of strength but in the long term the consequences are even bigger.  You age quicker if you take alcohol in large quantities and over a longer period of time. You could be 40 years old but you could look like a 50 year old person if you drink in excess over a long period of time.

Drinking alcohol will also leave you with more damage to your muscles after you exercise, leading to longer time to recover. Alcohol will also have other different effects on your heart and blood  circulation system.

When you drink alcohol, you may begin to experience a reduction in your endurance capabilities, in your coordination and in other spheres of life such as your sex drive and your memory.  When you drink alcohol, your heat loss will increase, due to the alcohol simulating your blood vessels to dilate.

Some people claim that alcohol gives them appetite to eat a lot but I would rather take this with a pinch of salt because usually, drinking alcohol can lead to loss of appetite and other nutrition problems.  Some people vomit when they eat certain foods after taking alcohol.

If you should drink alcohol, you should do it moderately and do not drink before you exercise, as this may impair your balance and your sense of judgement and may lead to accidents.

It is therefore important to think about your health before you drink and exercise.  Alcohol and exercise should be exclusive and avoid justifying your drinking alcohol and exercise.  After careful consideration of the matter, my casual drink of alcohol is exclusive of exercise and my exercise programme has been designed independently from alcohol.


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