Making Exercise a Habit

You can make exercise more fun, by Making Exercise a Habit.   Oftentimes, a jogger makes a face when he or she is doing the run.  Jogging calls for effort, energy, power and motivation. At times but not so often, I see a jogger who is taking it ease with a smile on the face.  So how do you make exercise more fun?

It is a challenge to get and stay motivated to exercise.  Exercise could be boring and unattractive and oftentimes many people would rather relax in a sofa and watch television or read a book than do some exercises. So how do you get motivated to do some exercise?

how to make exercise a habit1

Each person would act differently because, each one of us is unique.  Some people may want to do one type of exercise day in day out while others may prefer a variety of exercises.  Personally, what works for me is two different regular exercises.  One of the exercises to is jump on the trampoline.  When I am on the trampoline, I focus on the exercise and I do not want to do anything else.
When I want to catch up with reading a magazine or to listen to a motivational talk I will go on a treadmill at slow pace and spend an hour or more on the mill.  These two activities are regular and I have formed a habit of doing them. A few other exercises like press ups and some body stretching also come in handy.

Each person is different and therefore may react differently to doing exercises on regular basis.  If you are still contemplating on how to go about it and to make exercise a habit, you will find some ideas in this post.

You can try a variety of exercises either at home or at a gym.  You tray on a number of sports equipment until you find what works for you. Once you settle for something which works for you go for it and make it a habit.

You can also engage a friend or your spouse to do the exercises together.  The idea is make exercise more fun.  You can even be setting time for doing specific exercises. After achieving your targets you can reward yourselves with something in order to motivate yourselves further. One ideal exercise for a couple is a regular brisk walk of say 2-5 Kilometres regularly.

This is just a tip of the iceberg, there are several ways in which you can exercise.  You do not have to follow the same schedule on daily because the bottom line is that you have done some exercises at the end of the day.

The important thing is that you should always include exercise in many ways in your daily life and you should turn it into a habit and have fun. Making Exercise a Habit is achievable, it requires, willpower, consistence, motivation and a positive mind and to also realize that it is good for your health.


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