Exercise is Life

My maiden write up on ‘exercise is life’ will form the core of my writing.  In other words, I will pen my articles on exercise and related issues.  Exercise is life together with belief in God, relationships, food, clothes, shelter and work.  Belief in God, prayer and deeds is priority number one, other needs may fall in place without ranking because they may inter-change depending on the need.

No matter who you are, or what you are, you need exercise.   In case you do not need exercise, exercise needs you.  Oftentimes I do not exercise and I feel guilty because, I feel I am not doing justice to my body.  Exercise is a necessity to me and one way of adhering to exercise is by writing about it.

I like exercise because it is ‘free’.  I say it is free because you can do it in the confines of your house, outside your house, or in the neigbourhood or at a gym, the choice is your.  You can invest a bit of money by buying some basic equipment for your exercise.  One of my investment in exercise is a small trampoline.  This trampoline fits in my bathroom, and I am able to jump on it at least 5 minutes before I take a bath. For those who want to pay or get on some programme can go to a gym.